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Welcome to Learning Computer Basics!

Posted by Hannah on 4:47 PM

Hello my name is Hannah, and this is my blog called, “How-To Guide for the Computer Beginner”

My degree in college was Information Systems (computers), but that was a while ago! I have to giggle about it because once I left college 'Windows' came out!

It made computers so much easier in a lot of ways, and I can't believe the changes that computer world has made! The internet at times still WOW's me!

I have say first and foremost I deal with windows based machines, and haven't done much with Mac's. I have worked on Windows 95 , Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Vista and Windows 7. YEP I skipped the XP generation, but I have worked on computers with that operating system.


I want to help take your fear and intimation away!  Computers can be FUN!

Computers Aren’t Scary!


Part of the reason I started this blog is because friends and family members were calling me to help walk them through something they wanted to do on the computer.  


I would say people from my generation, and older can be very intimidated by computers.  Technology today has come a LONG way from - what 5 television stations of the past?  Computers were something NASA had, or maybe the government!


Computers can be VERY user friendly once you get over your initial scare of them.  I was always been fascinated by them, and once the FIRST home computer came on the market I remember my parents getting me one.  I sat for hours programing, and trying my hardest to master them.  What we call WINDOWS today was unheard of at the time, and we didn’t even have a computer mouse!


Today – unlike the past – computers are very easy to use once you know the basics.  I try very hard to write articles that are VERY basic, but if you find something TO advanced?  I would love to hear about it.  You will be helping ME and others in the future as well.


I try to use a lot of pictures, and you might notice some tutorials are more complete compared to others.  THAT will change, because I used some of these to walk my friends and family over lessons on the phone.  The ‘more detail’ was me explaining things verbally to them.  I noticed I was getting traffic from the internet, and decided I had better re write some of the lessons so that others could understand as well with NO phone call!

You will NOT harm the Machine!

If you are here you at least have some computer basics. I mean you turned on the machine, and got here right? SO Pat yourself on the back! Computers aren't as scarey as most would think. You can't mess them up that quick either!


Granted at times you will learn like my father did things like – don’t put TWO different virus protection programs on your computer so you get DOUBLE the protection.  Dad learned that the two programs fight each other, and crashed his machine.  I do have to giggle, because it would sound logical to most (double the protection).  It happens to the best of us, so don’t get discouraged!  (Yes, I went over and removed one of his programs and his computer was fine!)


Notice some tools I use!


READ more!


On most of our article here you get a summary of the article that has been written.  Once you click on the READ MORE the entire article opens up for you.



Links to older articles

I try to break each lesson down as simple as possible.  I have also tried to link old articles into the newer ones. 

For example if I say, “Click your start button”.  You notice the words ‘start button’ looks different?  I wrote an article to show readers what the start button is, and where you will find it.  If you click on the words START button above?  It will send you to that article.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to repeat myself to often.


Print Articles


At the end of the tutorials you may see the above button.  I was asked by some to find a way they could print off certain tutorials for reference.


The articles show up in .pdf format so you can print them.  Adobe reader is something you may already have on your machine.  This a very common FREE program distributed on the internet for computers.


Keep in mind with ALL free programs there is always ‘paid’ version of it as well.  I found with computer beginners most of the time the free version is completely fine.  Once you begin to get more advanced if you decide you want more features?  Then you have the option of purchasing it. 


Lastly, I have noticed a trend that they place BIGGER PRESENTATIONS  for the paid version, and then place tiny letters next to paid version that state:  free versions.  They are on the same screen so keep you eye out for the difference.  I’m sure it’s a marketing trick to get more sales, and who can blame them I guess.  Don’t be surprised if they try this MORE than once during your installation of the program either!  Just keep selecting the FREE version. 


Most computer users don’t need the paid versions of a lot of the programs offered.  I wanted to give you a HEADS up on that!


Confused?  Question?  Comment?


At the top of page you will find our ‘contact us’ page, and also an article on how to comment on blogs (or websites) like this one.  Its very easy!


I encourage you to keep in mind at times no matter how hard I try the lesson may not be as ‘beginner’ as you need it.  Let me know, and I will revise it.    That way you can help me help others, and of course you can get the answers that you need!


Also if you have a SUGGESTION on a topic that you need covered?  Let me KNOW!  You can use the contact us or just comment on one of the articles!


HOPEFULLY it will be a  win-win situation!


Get Lessons sent you to as I write them!


There are spots on our site in which you will see a message similar to what I have pictured here.


The white box you would enter your email address, and you will get a message asking to confirm your subscription.  If you check your email box you may also get a message asking you to confirm the subscription. 


Its basically to make sure it was YOU that made the request, and not someone else.  There is a link that you click on, and you will start receiving the lessons.


Keep in mind you will have the option to STOP receiving the lessons as well.    At the bottom of each lesson there is a message that gives you the option to do so. 


If you click on the article title in the email that is sent to you?  It sends you directly to our How-To Guide for the Computer Beginner site.  You can do this if you have questions, comments, etc.  I also change the home site up a bit from time to time.


Related Articles

related postsYou may notice at the bottom of each blog post there is a related article section.  Just click on a title that interests you.




You may also notice the label section like pictured here.  You can click on one of these labels, and a list of different articles will appear for you to chose from.


The Table of Content spot at the top also lists all the article written so far.



Share my Articles with Your Friends!









You may notice these options on our site as well.  If you hover over them they will show you what site you might share the current article with.  For example, most of the time “F” is for Facebook!


I would love for you to help me get the word out about my site, or just individual articles that have helped you with others.  Just click one of the logos, and simple directions appear.


I guess that is all for now, and OH by the way……



WELCOME to our How-To Guide for Computer Beginners!








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