Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How-To Change Web Browser Font Size

Posted by Hannah on 6:06 AM

Change Web Browser Font SizeEver wish you could increase the font size on a screen, because its TO SMALL to comfortably read?

You may even wish to change your web browser font size smaller.

Today we are going to go over some easy tips on how-to change your font in your browser.   Don’t worry this will be a very easy lesson for the Computer Beginner!

If you are looking for How-To Change your Font Size on your Computer Screen we have an article for that as well.

How to Change Font Size in Internet Explorer (IE)
How To Change Font Size in FireFox

From what I have noticed with the recent versions for Internet Explorer and FireFox?

You can hold down the control key (CTRL)

While you are holding down the CTRL key, move your mouse wheel either direction to find a view that is comfortable for you.

How to Change Font Size in Internet Explorer

As you can see towards the top of your web browser in IE you have File, Edit, View, etc.

Click on View and go down to Text size to increase the font or decrease the font in IE.

How-To Change the Font Size in FireFox

Once again you basically do the same things as you did in IE.

There is a shortcut in FireFox for this as well. 
You would hold down the CRTL key again, and then hit your plus (+) or minus (-) sign on your keyboard.

I also found a video with similar tips, and it also discusses add-ons for your browser.

What if its your font Size on computer screen or computer monitor?

Increase Font Size on Computer Screen

That is today’s Lesson on How-To change your Font on your Internet Browser!  Don’t forget to subscribe to received future How-To lessons for the Computer Beginner delivered right to your mails box!

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