Friday, June 6, 2008

How to leave a comment, question on a blog?

Posted by Hannah on 3:25 PM

Tee HEE! I thought the picture was cute.....I couldn't resist!

Blogger help section has a really good explanation on how to leave comments or questions! Click HERE

My articles have the above image that you click in order to leave a comment or question.
Once you hit the image above?  You come to a comment box that looks like this:

If  you have a google account you can place your information within that.  The same goes for Open ID.  You have a name and URL option, or just plain anonymous.

Feel free to leave feedback, because that is how we both learn!

Keep in mind your comment may not show up right away, because I moderate the comments. I have found you get a lot of spam comments about finances, XXX rated stuff, prescription among other things! We get enough of that in the email we don't need to see their advertising here!

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