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Set home page Firefox, Change home page in Internet Explorer

Posted by Hannah on 8:24 AM

One of the first basic computer training lessons I received was change home page in Internet Explorer. Set the home page in Firefox will also be covered today!

What is a home page? Generally the first page retrieved when accessing a Web site. When you turn on your computer, and you access the internet that first image you see is the home page.

When I first brought home my computer, and set it up and FIRED up the internet I noticed it went to page that I really didn't have much use for! I can understand the marketing efforts of the maker of the computer brand WANTING me to see their homepage, but the first thing I wanted to do was change the homepage in internet explorer. If you use Firefox it was: Change homepage in Firefox!

The reason I wanted to change the homepage was for easy access to my email account! You may have different reasons, but I wanted to check my email first thing so change home page was needed when I first got the computer!

In beginner computer training you will learn that your home page or startup page within your web browser is the same page everytime you load it. Below is a short video lesson that shows how to change your homepage:

Lets go over this computer basic just one more time!

Set Homepage in IE

Open the web browser.
Go to the webpage that you want to set as your homepage.
Look to the top of our screen to find the tools.
Then you click the tools you will see an option called internet options
Click the internet options, and then look for the General Tab
There will be a Use Current option in that window. Click that to set your homepage for the future.
Click APPLY, and the OK!

You changed home page internet explorer! Wasn't that easy?

Change homepage in Firefox

Open the web brower
Go to the webpage that you want to set as your homepage.
Look to the top of your web browser to find the tools.
Click the tools, and you will see an menu item named options.
Click the options, and find the 'use the current page' button
Click that current page, and click apply and then click OK

Your home page for Firefox is now set! Pretty neat HUH?

Change homepage in Safari

Changing the home page in Safari can be quite easy as well! Go to the page you will to change to your homepage!

Click on the Safari icon in the dock.

Click on Safari in your Safari menu, located at the top of your screen. When the drop-down menu appears, choose Preferences.

Select General from the Preferences menu, which is now overlaying your browser window. Once General is selected, you will notice a section labeled Home Page in the main window of the Preferences dialog.

Directly to the right of the "Home Page" label is an edit field containing your current home page URL or webpage.

To change this address, simply erase the contents of the edit field and replace it with the desired web address or URL to your new homepage.

Directly below this edit field you will see a button labeled Set to Current Page. Clicking this button will change your home page setting to whatever page you are currently viewing within the Safari browser.

Once you have completed your changes, close the Safari Preferences dialog by clicking the red circle/x located in the top left hand corner of the box.

Set Home page for Safari Video

Let is our Learning Computer Basics online lesson for today! I hope you now feel comfortable enough to change your homepage in Firefox, Change your Homepage in Internet Explorer (ie), or Change your homepage in Safari! As always please use the comment section if you have any questions or comments!


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