Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Setting Up New Computer – Pick a Location

Posted by Hannah on 11:13 AM

rear panel of computer_thumbWhen my novice friends get a new computer I normally get a phone call to come, and help them set the new computer up.  

Setting up computers at first can be very intimating it seems with all the different parts, wires, etc. 

I want to go over some important parts, before we rip open that box and get down to business with setting up the computer.

I will try to break this down in a couple of articles of setting up the computer.

The first important step of setting up your new computer?


Yes you guess it!  We need to think about WHERE we are going to place our computer.

Don’t invest in a new computer if you are going to place it in a damp room, on a wobbling card table where it very unstable.  Damp or dusty rooms can lower the life expectancy of your computer.   Placing it on unstable furniture you take the risk of the table collapsing, or the computer falling off.

Location for your computer setup is also important when you think about HOW you are going to use the computer, and when.  Its suppose to be fun, so don’t sit it in the corner of the basement to get it out of the way.    If you have children or grandchildren I recommend placing it in a living area so you can supervise what they are doing on it.

Magnetic fields are NOT a computer’s friend!  Microwaves, magnets themselves and some appliances do have a magnetic field.  It can damage your data on your computer.

You need to be sure you have grounded outlet source for electricity.  Don’t use the same one your energy hog major appliances use.  Power fluctuations can also damage your computer, and destroy your files. 

Another portion of your initial set up of your computer is to find out where your connection for the internet is coming into.  If you are going to use dial up you will need to use a phone jack.  Most people actually have a phone jack under the computer, and they install it separately.  If you have a internet provider?  They will normally connect the cable connection, and you will need to ask tglare on computer monitor, setup new computer_thumbhem to place it near your computer’s location.

Keep in mind some monitors may have some glare issues if your monitor is directly facing the light source.  That could be a window, or something else.  Glare will make it very difficult for you to see your screen. 

As I’m sure you noticed your computer has fans in the rear computer panel.  It also may have vents as well.  YES, your computer will need to breath so it doesn’t overheat. 

Basically, you are looking for a clean, dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight place for your setup of the new computer.

The last portion of this lesson on setting up your new computer surge protector_thumbto invest in a decent surge suppressor. It is also referred to a surge protector.

I normally use this surge protector for monitors, printers, and scanner, etc as well.  As you can see from the picture it has more than one outlet.

Most computer manufacturers will not cover damage to your computer if you don’t use one.

Decent surge suppressors also offer a warranty that covers damage to your computer and the surge protector as well.  Most of them now days also have a phone jack, or Ethernet slot.

With the new televisions and entertainment equipment?  I have a surge protector for all of it.

So, step one is setting up our computer HAS to be location!  Next, lets unpack those boxes!


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